Model: Type 9 EVO

Only 30 Units Available in 2019

The all new Type 9 is built from the ground up with the riders in mind. Introducing the exclusive ZERO Engineering multi-link suspension, it is like none other. Designed exclusively for the Type 9 to give it a responsiveness as a modern rear suspension motorcycle. With its stable geometry and the linked suspension, the Type 9 will keep you in control when riding hard. The design is the looks of an old school rigid frame but don’t be fooled, the Type 9 is a soft tail.

Starting at $28,680

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A Multi-link Frame

zero engineering dragon frame

There is no comparison, the Type 9 is a completely unique machine that is the one of a kind and the Multi Link Suspension is at its core. Delivering no nonsense performance and reliability, the Type 9 rides ferociously and the looks to match.

Springer Fork

Completely redesigned the springer front forks to not only make them rugged and reliable but smooth and controllable as well. With a seamless combination with our Gooseneck frame, the feedback from the road feels just right.

zero design works springer
  • 30″ Length
  • 1″ Standard Steering Stem
  • 3/4″ Axle
  • Made in Japan


The Type 9 is equipped with the same quality engine of the Type 5, the S&S Evolution BigTwin. A superior American built engine, built for power and built to last. Standard with V80 ci Natural Finish, can be upgraded to V96 ci Wrinkle Black Finish.

  • Super E Carb
  • S&S 585 Camshaft
  • Super Stock Ignition


Type 9 EVO comes with a 5 speed RevTech transmission. Simple and reliable with no frills, comes in natural finish. Can be upgraded to a 5 or 6 speed Baker.


Built for the bends or for cruising , the Type 9 comes with a new larger tank. With over a 100 mile range, this tank will have enough juice to get you where you need to go. There are a variety of different art to choose from to customize your show a little bit more. Standard, Coboo, etc.

Foot Controls & Signals

Our forward controls are easy to use to ensure crisp brakes and shifts.  Different colors are available, which comes in Black Aluminum, Natural Aluminum or Brass.

The rear lights are kept clean. It’s always been about doing more with less and this is the perfect example. There are no bells and whistles, just gets the job done.

Primary Belt

Combine a 3” belt with super simple clutch design and our underslung guard rail and you have a package that not only looks the part but easy to use and reliable.

Choose from either Open or Closed Primaries.

Controls and Gauge

With the minimalist look, the instruments are displayed right above the Springer Front Fork with a compact Speedo to the side for the flush simple and clean looks.

Everything you need right at your finger tips. Simple button and switches.

Optional Parts

Front Fender


Make your ride a little bit more retro with a sleek front fender.

Detailed Specs

Dry Weight: 573 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 2.6 Gal.

Oil Capacity: 3 Qts

Frame: Original Dragon Neck

Front Fork: ZERO Engineering Springer

Seat Height: 2.1 ft

Ground Clearance: 5.5″

Wheel Base: 5.4 ft

Total Length: 8 ft

Total Width: 2.7 ft

Total Height: 3.1 ft

Front Brake: HD 

Rear Brake: Wilwood

Front Tire: Firestone 4.5-18

Rear Tire: Firestone 5-16

Engine: EVO Style (S&S)

Displacement: 80-96 ci

Bore x Stroke: 3.63×4.63 in

Compression Ratio: 10.1:1

Starter: Electric

Transmission: 5-Speed Baker

Primary Drive: 2.5″ Belt

Final Drive: Chain

Rake Angle: 38°

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