Model: Type 8

Only 20 Units Available in 2018

Type 8 is equipped with a 1200cc EVO Sportster engine, making it an explosive and responsive riding experience. Unlike the Type 9, the Type 8 is lighter and simpler, as the transmission and engine are together in an integrated case. The result is an explosive, powerful feeling off the line in a power package that is not only highly tunable but reliable as well. The combination of a rigid frame and the amount of torque it has is truly shocking for first time riders. Absolute, reliable, super fine control over the engine is a must.

Starting at $23,950

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ZERO Engineering Original Frame

Type 8 Frame

The Type 8 frame is a ZERO Engineering custom frame to sport the V-Twin Sportster Evolution Engine. Specifically re-designed and manufactured for this type series, the Type 8 rigid frame is to keep the classic look and style while staying true to ZERO Engineering’s design philosophies, using top-grade steel, and employing exceptionally accurate construction techniques, ZERO Engineering’s rigid frames are of a quality rarely seen.

Springer Fork

Completely redesigned the springer front forks to not only make them rugged and reliable but smooth and controllable as well. With a seamless combination with our Gooseneck frame, the feedback from the road feels just right.

zero design works springer
  • 30″ Length
  • 1″ Standard Steering Stem
  • 3/4″ Axle
  • Made in Japan


Type 8 is equipped with the HD 1200cc TwinCam Sportster Engine. Made in USA, this air cooled and powerful V-Twin engine that explodes off the line was not enough for the PLOT engineering team. By employing fuel injection and adopting the ECU platform from Italy’s Mircotech, the team was able to assemble a unique engine management system that not only increased output, but reliability as well.

  • Fuel Injection
  • 74 cubic inch
  • Air-cooled V-Twin
  • 4 Valves per Cylinder

Tank & Fuel Injection

The Type 8 comes standard with our custom 2.1 gl Sportster Tank for fuel injection. So even at different elevations and conditions, this engine management system stays perfectly tuned.

Why all this attention to performance and unparalleled reliability? Without the extra weight and soft rear suspension of a typical cruiser soaking up all the vibrations and brute force of a large V-Twin, these rigid bikes lay down the power like no other.

Mid Controls & Signals

Sports a simple rubber foot peg that is easy to use and customize. There are no bells and whistles, just gets the job done.

The rear lights are kept clean. It’s rear lights are a lot lower than when compared to the Type 5 and Type 9.

Controls and Gauge

With the minimalist look, the instruments are displayed right above the Springer Front Fork with a compact Speedo to the side for the flush simple and clean looks.

Everything you need right at your finger tips. Simple button and switches.

Detailed Specs

Dry Weight: 485 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 2.1 Gal.

Oil Capacity: 3 qts

Frame: ZERO Engineering Custom Rigid Frame

Front Fork: ZERO Engineering Springer

Seat Height: 2.2 ft

Ground Clearance4″

Wheel Base: 5.2 ft

Total Length: 7.5 ft

Total Width: 2.5 ft

Total Height: 3.8 ft

Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc

Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc

Front Tire: 4.5-18

Rear Tire: 4.5-18

Engine: EVO Sportster

Displacement: 74 ci

Bore x Stroke: 3.6×4.5 in

Starter: Electric

Transmission: 5-Speed

Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Rake (Castor Angle): 33

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