About Us


Established in 1992 Okazaki City, Japan, Zero Engineering is one of the foremost names in the custom motorcycle industry. Known throughout the world for our uncompromising style, beauty, and attention details- our master mechanics and fabricators create a very limited quantity of custom motorcycles each year.

Combining form and function with minimal frills, gadgets and chrome, each bike is meticulously built by hand taking several months to complete. The “ZERO STYLE” has become synonymous with vintage, old school style featuring gooseneck rigid frames and springer front forks. This style has often been imitated but seldom duplicated successfully. ZERO Engineering and PLOT Inc, one of the largest names in the motorcycle industry in Japan, teamed up to start a production version of the Zero style in 2002.

In business since 1981, PLOT INC has established itself as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of aftermarket motorcycle parts. In an attempt to allow more enthusiasts the opportunity to own their own “ZERO” choppers, Zero Engineering and PLOT INC collaborated to develop a production version of Zero’s award winning motorcycles. The result was the “Samurai Chopper.” In 2002, a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing this line of custom choppers was opened in Las Vegas. These bikes were exclusively distributed in Japan and were well received. In Nov 2008 the Samurai Chopper line was introduced the US market as well. In addition, a brand new kind of motorcycle has been engineered, tested, and now manufactured- the ZERO Engineering Type 9. Featuring a unique 4-link suspension in the rear, the Type 9 retains the original rigid zero look but can handle long hauls and larger riders. Coming in September, 2011, the Type 9 will be yet another soon to be classic from ZERO Engineering.

Our Location

ZERO Engineering is a motorcycle manufacture company based in Las Vegas, NV (sorry, no walk-ins).
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