ZERO Engineering and PLOT Inc. is one of the largest names in the motorcycle industry in Japan, teamed up in 2002 to create a ZERO style production motorcycle.

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4/06/15     Opened a eBay store for more options! Click here to Visit.
3/30/15     We hit over 70,000 Likes on Facebook! Thank You!
3/26/15     Free Shipping on all items in our online store.Click here to check it out!
3/24/15     2014 Type 5 Bengal Tiger now on  bikes for sale.
3/24/15     New 2015 Type 5 Midnight Black now on bikes for sale.

Bikes for Sale

Some of these bikes for sale are a little bit different compared to our standard production bikes, they may have a different engine, paint job, and etc. Found one that interests you? Contact us and maybe we can help!

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